love in a bowl (1990 to present)

It all started in the 90s with a boom box and serving bowls of pho to the community to bring people together.  My family served pho in homeless shelters for decades and taught me to maintain this tradition wherever I go.   Each year when I return to home to Atlanta, I work with my family to cook large pots of chicken pho and serve broth made with love.  In 2018, I coordinated with local Vietnamese restaurants and local religious affiliations to help feed the homeless during Tet Holiday (Vietnamese New Years) at a homeless shelter in Salt Lake City, Utah .  

Inclusivity (2012 to Present)

Im a volunteer with USU Local Area Council to connect the Entomology Club with the Local University Events for outreach. 

I volunteer at STEM Night for Kids at local elementary schools

Team leader for coordinating an experimental design with the Native American Student Mentorship Program

I volunteer with the USU STEM Associations to teach kids about science. 

unity (2015 to Present)

 I am the head coordinator of an annual local community Ramadan celebration dinner gathering. Interfaith project to bridge an understanding and clearing up misrepresentations of people that practice the Islamic faith by having a Ramadan dinner together as a community.  Most recently, the Annual Ramadan Celebration Potluck was selected as the Intermountain Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls (IACURH)’s Program of the Year.  We were able to share with all the universities in attendance how they can take this program back to their campuses. We shared with everyone the impact this has had and will continue to have on our campus and community as we continue to make it better each year. They are encouraged to take the idea back to their campuses and will all be able to utilize this for their own campuses if they so choose.

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